Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have you tried Pinterest?

Like I need another activity on the computer!  I have recently discovered an awesome visual bulletin board like a "favorites" button for your favorite websites.  If you have ever saved anything to your "favorites" on your computer, you know you really don't get back there all that much unless you are really organized and can remember website names!  Pinterest is cool (well, I think, anyway!) because you can post things in categories you select. It will post your link to the board by picture with a little space for a description underneath.  It links you back to the original post from a blog or a page from a website.  I have mostly teaching things on my boards now but I could totally see using it for party planning or any multitude of uses.  I highly recommend giving it a try (and purchasing a timer with an alarm to remind you that you have other things to do! Helpful Hint # 687.)

Happy Party Planning!

Stock picture from:  123rf

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