Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bargain Shoppers

As Halloween approaches and stores hurry to push out their Christmas items, you can make some good deals.  If you are a planner and organized, you can buy some things ahead that you know you will use next year.  One year, I hit the stores the day after Halloween and happened upon costumes 90% off.  My daughter, then about age three, had costumes for dress-up and Halloween for quite a few years. Or if you are a procrastinator, a good time to get deals for the current year is one to two weeks before Halloween.  Either way, you can be a great bargain shopper!  This is always a good idea when planning parties to shop ahead and look for deals.  Just remember where you put your treasures (or leave your self a map to find them again!)  Some good organization tips are to have bins for each holiday or party theme that you can put your left over supplies in or planning for future parties.  Many of the items can be used over several times before they wear out.  Antoher cost savings as well as an environment saver!

For more party tips, check out: Helpful Hints-"Cost Savings" section

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