Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Cakes

I love watching Cake Boss with my kids and wish I were that creative and skilled!  My cakes would never come out looking so cool and fun. However, that doesn't stop me.  I have made a few pretty cute cakes over the years.

I try to keep in mind that no matter what the cake or decorations look like it is the fun and activities that are most important at a birthday party. That is most definitely also what the birthday child and friends remember too!

If you are willing to give it a try or you have a dear friend who is awesome and creative (and you are willing to trust) or you are just looking for an idea to take to a bakery, you could have a pretty cool cake for your child's birthday!

Many party websites have cake ideas. Here are a few fun finds!
Family Fun Birthday Cakes
Coolest Homemade Birthday Cakes
Cakes.com (for ideas or to find a bakery)
Parenting-Birthday Cakes
Cake Central (photos+)

If you child isn't a cake eater or your are tired of the traditional cake route. See Alternative to Birthday Cakes post in this blog.

Have ideas?? Please share!!


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