Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift Idea

Looking for a great idea for a gift for your child's teacher, friend or neighbor and a way to keep it low cost?  Search out some Valentine specials at local stores. Sometimes the stores like Target, Walmart, some department stores, and craft stores may have their sale bins filled with Valentine's goodies closer to the Valentine's Day.  While you are out shopping look for things like: candy making goodies, or cookie making goodies, or crafters Valentine's goodies-note pads, Valentine stamps, stickers, etc.  Sometimes you can find a cute basket or box (wire, wooden, gift box), sprinkles, cookie cutters, heart shaped candy molds, spatulas,  or stamps, stickers, paper, cards, etc. in the dollar bins closer to the holiday.  Let your creativity and wallet guide what you want to put in your basket.  You can always divide up treasures among several baskets/box.  Use tissue paper as a filler at the bottom and organize your goodies in the basket.  Wrap the gift in celophane and tie it with a flourish of something valentinesy (a heart shaped cookie cutter, a package of heart stickers).

Another option is to wait until after Valentine's Day is over and do your shopping of sales and collect in a Valentine's tub for next year! In January, stores like Walmart and Target seem to have a plethera of left over Christmas storage tubs--if you don't mind the Christmas colors, you can purchase one at a greatly reduced price and then fill it with your bargain shopping goodies to be used for various school holidays. This is a great way to save even more and you can keep it organized for stashing things as you see them come on sale!  Purchase the non-perishable items after the holiday this year and then next year it cuts your cost to add the more perishable items.

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